Why PixLight is the best choice

By October 24, 2019 November 30th, 2019 Blog

Why PixLight is the best choice 

PixLight is a portable flash that is lightweight and easy to set up and put away. This device only weighs 3.5 lbs. When folded, it is 12.6 inches high, and when it’s fully set up with the umbrella, it becomes 80 inches. Old flashes are heavy, difficult to carry around, and they come in several parts that have to be assembled together. PixLight has a flexible gooseneck tube that can bend in any direction. It has a long tripod, a battery placed at the base of the product, and a built-in remote trigger. In addition to pairing it up with any professional camera, you can also connect this device to your smartphone and any professional camera. A standard photography umbrella can be used with this device, and the specific modifiers (softbox, octagon softbox, bulb, sphere, snoot, barn door, and honeycomb grid) can be mounted on the device with a simple lock.


This efficient device is sure to come in handy for any professional and amateur photographer! You can pair several of these flashes together in order to create the maximum level of lighting. The rechargeable battery is very powerful and has helped improve recycle time in this device. A fully powered battery will last up to 4 hours, and you can carry several of these batteries with you on an important occasion. You can easily and quickly connect this device to your smartphone with Bluetooth connection. By doing so, you will be able to adjust the power of the flash and have full control over the device. You can control several flashes at the same time and take professional photos with your smartphone. You can take this device anywhere with you and take high-quality photos without having to worry about carrying all that heavy equipment. This device is useable in any field, from wedding photography to architecture, documentary, food, product, family gatherings, and etc.

We tried to put the best possible tools together in order to create this product. To improve this device, we had to remove several important features and add other features we deemed to be of higher importance. We hope to be able to deliver an efficient product to the world of photography with the help of you, backers!

In short, if you want an efficient device that is easy to carry around and set up, made of high quality material that will last for a very long time, can connect to your smartphone and let you take photos anywhere, you should order PixLight right now!

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