Modifiers of PiXLIGHT

By March 12, 2019 March 13th, 2020 Blog

This device comes with an additional external battery. There are four types of umbrellas included in this package: gold, silver and golden-silver umbrellas with a single diffuser (white umbrella). The full package includes several extra modifiers for additional diffusion and softening: bulb, sphere, a normal softbox, and an octagon softbox, and a round-shape softbox. Other modifiers include snoot and barn door for adjusting and directing the light, 10 different colored gels to color light, and a honeycomb grid to direct the light in a tight beam. All these modifiers and many more are made of professional and lightweight materials and they can be attached and detached with a simple lock.



  • Additional external battery
  • Gold, silver, and golden-silver umbrellas for desired level of diffusion
  • A single diffuser (white umbrella)
  • Different kinds of softbox to reduce shadows
  • Bulb (to soften indoor lighting)
  • Sphere diffuser
  • Beauty dish
  • Conical Snoot to control the direction of light
  • Barn door to shape and direct light
  • 10 different colored gels
  • Honeycomb grid to direct the light in a tight beam

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