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Once upon a day, there was a young ambitious photographer who wanted to know everything about photography lighting techniques. He worked hard, dug deep into photography lighting challenges, did research a lot, consulted with several professionals, and finally developed his unique kind of flash, PixLight.

Hi. I am Arash Hamidi, the creator of PixLight and here is my story.

I have been a professional photographer for years and I used to teach lighting techniques. I would go out and take photos of anything that interested me, such as people, their occupations, and so forth. One day, I thought to myself, why not use professional lighting to take these photos?! Then, while I was setting up all that heavy equipment individually, I realized how difficult it actually is to do this job without any assistance. In other words, I found out that this can’t be done individually, or if someone needs to do it independently, it would be very time consuming and difficult. The whole process also bored the subjects out of their minds.


I decided to do some research to discover an efficient way to use professional lighting in photography for anyone, anywhere. When I realized there was no such product, I decided to make my own.

Prior to this, I already had several unfinished ideas and projects, but this one interested me the most. I decided to get more serious. I tried to think of ways to solve the problems that these old devices have. I took notes and drew some sketches, then I disassembled and reassembled a flash to see what it was like.

In old photography methods, a photographer had to set up several heavy equipment in order to create efficient lighting. Sometimes a part of the equipment would get lost, and other times the flash would be so heavy that the head would fall down and damage the equipment. It was extremely difficult to attach modifiers to the original device and the battery would usually last for a short time.

Overall, I found it disappointing that this device which is extremely essential for modern photography, has an old-fashioned design. Moreover, I would like to highlight that although flash, in general, has been designed for on-camera, most people tend to use it off-camera. And we haven’t had an appropriate tool to help accomplish this need.


Once I become fully dedicated, I contacted some companies and gathered a team to make a prototype. We created the initial design and made a website for our product. Finally, we made a video to introduce our prototype. In the meantime, we started negotiating with different people in different countries in order to progress in making our product. This project is still ongoing and we have made several changes to the prototype in order to deliver a more efficient product, and we hope to deliver the best possible product to our backers.

So, here it is where PixLight was born to allow photo lovers to take pictures with professional lighting everywhere, even with just their smartphones!


Author: Arash Hamidi

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