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After years and years of experience, research, and consultations with photographers, engineers, and designers, PiXLIGHT was developed to  revolutionize photography lighting. 

The existing lighting equipment are heavy, big, troublesome, complicated, hard to carry, and time consuming to install and uninstall. Therefore,  we developed PiXLIGHT, a lightweight, portable, off-camera speedlite. It is designed not only for photographers, but also for anyone who is interested in photography.

Yes, you heard that correctly! You, regardless of your level of photography skills, can use PiXLIGHT and add perfect lighting to your photo shooting with your smartphone or professional camera.

We would like to shout out to the wonderful people who helped bring this project to life:

After all, photography is a passion, so why should we have unpleasant feelings while engaging in our passion? PiXLIGHT, it is what we need. A light speedlite for perfect lighting! Support us at 

About the Inventor:

Arash Hamidi is an international award-winning entrepreneur and photographer with over a decade of experience in digital arts. Arash is a recipient of extraordinary ability (EB1) U.S. green card in the field of photography. He recently immigrated to the U.S. and is the President and Founder of HamidiArt LLC, a marketing firm in Alexandria, Virginia. Arash works with his team from all around the world virtually.