PiXLIGHT $208K+ pledges

By March 8, 2020 March 13th, 2020 Blog

PiXLIGHT backers,

As always, thank YOU…

With your help, PiXLIGHT reached over $207K pledges (2081% funded) and yet more to come… With only 5 days left, now every hour matters. Please spread the word about PiXLIGHT within your network.


I am extremely pleased to see that PiXLIGHT has been receiving great attention and support from hundreds of backers, distributing companies, photographers, and media outlets. It is fascinating to see how you evaluate PiXLIGHT and share insights/feedback/compliments with me and my team.

A promise is a promise – New photos of PiXLIGHT:

As promised, here are a couple of new back-scene photos of the product as well as PiXLIGHT prototype. Photoshooting is always fun. Well…most of time. Right?  But with PiXLIGHT in hand, it is easy and convenient. That we can say for sure 😉😊 Take a look at the new pics and let us know what you think!



Next steps and Coronavirus updates:

As you all may know there is a pandemic, the new coronavirus outbreak that is currently going on and has had negative effects on hundreds of businesses all around the world, especially China. China has announced an increase of production costs due to the effects of the virus in the country. Given the current circumstance, my team and I have been communicating with over 15 companies in 5 different countries to figure out the best option for manufacturing PiXLIGHT. We want to make sure that we will be able to travel to the country in which PiXLIGHT will be manufactured to be sure everything is made with high quality.  Based on the data we received from our contacts in China, although not all cities have been affected by the virus, it is not recommended to travel there at this point. Even if we do manage to get to Shenzhen or any other part of the country that has not been affected yet, there is this concern that we may get stuck and not being able to leave! Moreover, we found out that the Chinese government has increased the length of Chinese New Year holiday and restricted certain travel routes across the country  and the number of workers working at the factories significantly decreased due to the virus crisis. All in all, these may lead to delay in our product development phase.

We want you to know that here at PiXLIGHT, we are constantly monitoring the trends and working on the next steps of our campaign to keep YOU ALL happy and satisfied. We provide you with detailed information as we move forward and make decisions. Please kindly understand. Thank you.

Good news! The future is ahead of us:

Well, I had so many serious updates to share with you. I guess now it is the time to tell you some exciting data about PiXLIGHT:

  • In the past two weeks, PiXLIGHT has received offers from 7 companies in Japan, China, South Korea, Germany, and UK to distribute the products among their customers/communities.
  • And it doesn’t just end there! PiXLIGHT has also received offers from 2 photography schools and 3 photography studios to sell the products to their students/clients.

Well! Yes, I am proud of my team…

P.S. Did we tell you that you can message us in different languages including English, German, Arabic, Dari, and Farsi? This is the PiXLIGHT international team.

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